Custom Branding Irons

Our custom branding irons are made exactly to your specifications. You choose the design, the size, and the handle!


To order a custom branding iron, please fill out a contact form or email us directly at Be sure to include:

  1. Your design - You can send us a simple sketch, a digital file, or just a description of the design you want.
  2. The size - Please specify what size you want the face of the branding iron to be. 4" is usually standard.

Based on your specifications, we will provide the appropriate listing for you to order from. There are three tiers of pricing for custom brands. See below for more details.


MINI - $109.99+

  • Up to 2" in size, AND
  • 3 or fewer separate pieces to the design

BASIC - $134.99+

  • Up to 5" in size, AND
  • 3 or fewer separate pieces to the design, AND
  • Simple design (we determine)

ADVANCED - $179.99+

  • Up to 8" in size, OR
  • Over 3 separate pieces to the design, OR
  • Intricate or complex design (we determine)