"Old world techniques....Forging a new legacy"

HERITAGE FORGE is owned and operated by Mike Barosh. Growing up in Southern California, Mike has always loved animals and his western lifestyle. Born in 1988, his parents moved onto a small ranch in Acton, California (45 minutes north of Los Angeles) while at a young age and his love grew for horses and spirit of adventure being just a jump, hop, and skip away from the endless "Angeles Forest" trails.

After much of his adolescence, Mike attended a small private university called "The Master's College" where he got his bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies. It was near the end of college where he fell in love with the art of "Farriery". "It was Jaime Osbrink who planted the seed", Mike said. Jaime Osbrink is a Certified Journeyman Farrier out of Tehachapi, Ca who had a big impact on Mike's life. At the time, Mike also enjoyed surfing, so it was Jaime that said: "Mike, you could shoe two horses in the morning, make a couple hundred bucks, and hit the surf the rest of the day"....Needless to say that's what did it for Mike. Not only that, but the whole element of blacksmithing caught his eye.

Soon after graduating college Mike headed to Minco, Oklahoma for horseshoeing school. Under the impeccable skill of Dusty Franklin, Mike graduated among the top of his class at Five Star Horseshoeing School. It was there where Mike's love for Farriery and Blacksmithing began to blossom.

Soon after school Mike Barosh started "Barosh Farrier Service". From pleasure horses to performance to working horses, Mike was determined to provide a professional and dependable service to horses and clients alike.

This brings us to date. As Barosh Farrier Service grew, it gave birth to the "Heritage Forge". Mike longed to expand beyond horseshoeing to blacksmithing, where his passion lies. His shop lies in Palmdale, Cailfornia where many hours of lighting up the forge and striking the anvil is part of his daily prescription. His hard earned sweat longs to create new products every week to meet the likes and demands of his clients. From novelty branding irons (being to majority of the orders), horseshoe hooks of all kinds, horseshoe home décor, to horseshoe chotskies. Also, having orders as basic as new horseshoes, used horseshoes, and horseshoe nails. Our passion is to link the "old west" to the rapidly evolving "new west". This means using the "past's" traditional techniques to forge new products and ideas. As "HERITAGE FORGE" grows, Mike Barosh's goal is to bring the heritage of the west back to everyone's household, workplace, etc. again. "Forging a new Legacy".